"I want to be the cool chick that everyone wants to be friends with. I want the people who watch my shows or watch my videos to be like, "She looks like the most fun person to hang out with ever. I want to be that girl's best friend. I want to party with her." It's like, if you're hanging out with Beyoncé, it's almost like you're hanging out with a goddess. She's like a real queen. It's a different realm. Where my thing is kind of the opposite. My shtick is I'm the homie."

This is the End- 'List of Supplies' scene

pierce the room like a cannon ball;

Taylor Swift reacting to Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance 

'Not a lot going on at the moment.'

'We're all just skin and bones, trained to get along…'

'Dancing 'round the kitchen, in the refrigerator light…'